My Journey to Google Code-In With FOSSASIA (2017-18)

Hello Folks, I am Aman Tiwari , With the help of this blog I want to share my experience in the journey to the Google Code In (2017-18).

From the beginning of my education I was  more interested in the computer science than the other subjects. I was searching for a competition which would pave the way for me to do something in the field of computer science. Fortunately, I asked my elder brother for something that can help me to start with the competitions of my age level in the computer science. Then he suggested me to participate in Google Code In (2017-18). I was also waiting for the competition like this to showcase my skills. But it was also a hard time for me to start with the Google Code In . Because my school pre board exams was to be held within the same period . I have also the pressure of scoring good marks in my preboard examinations.But somehow I managed my routine to spend some time on Google Code In .

“What the mind can conceive and Believe and the heart desire you can achieve”

-Norman Vincent Peale.

What is Google Code-In ?

It is a contest organised by Google to introduce pre-university students of Age group 13-17 years  to the open source software development. Open source organisations chosen by Google provide a list of tasks for students to work on during the seven week contest period.

From the very beginning I was using a lot of open source softwares to ease my needs like Blender for 3d animation , Android Studio for Android development,Sublime and atom text editors  for coding purpose . Even though I have installed Ubuntu (which is also an open source ) operating system for my regular works. But I also want to contribute to  the Open Source and Google Code In provide me this platform . From the list of the various organisations I selected FOSSASIA because their projects are more interesting than others. The most interesting facts about FOSSASIA is that that their Mentors response so quickly and help me at any time.

I am currently working with  FOSSASIA with all my projects.

Some of the projects of FOSSASIA in which I am interested are:

  1.  phimpme-android:  It is a photo image editor app for android which aims to replace the other proprietary photo editing apps with so many interesting features.
  2.  open-event-webapp:It is a web app generator that generates websites which can be uploaded to any web location. Example-  On github pages or any server.

Communication channels :  The communication channels I uses to connect with the FOSSASIA projects are:

you can also connect to the FOSSASIA.

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Projects and Technologies which I want to learn about are:

I would like to learn about 3 D Animation using Blender because 3D animation attracts me a lot and I would like to learn android development to develop some android apps which make life easy for people.I am also interested in learning about Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning.

You can also

Visit: FOSSASIA website ,  the blog ,  FOSSASIA Google Code-In website